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This is an exciting time to be involved in transportation – there has been an influx of funding for transit related capital projects and ridership numbers are increasing due to escalations in fuel prices and consumers becoming more conscious of green alternatives.

The Greater Hartford Transit District plays an important role in the Greater Hartford Region as well as the entire State of Connecticut in supporting transit initiatives.

  • The ADA Paratransit Service provides vital transportation for the elderly and disabled, significantly adding to their quality of life.
  • The Dial-A-Ride operating grants provide subsidy funds to member municipalities to support elderly transportation services.
  • The Connecticut Drug and Alcohol Testing Program ensures safety-sensitive transit employees are providing safe public transportation.
  • The Transit District Insurance Consortium insures public transit vehicles in an economical manner, provides training opportunities and loss control analysis. 
  • The District serves as a conduit for federal and state financing of transit related capital projects such as Intermodal Centers, bus shelters, and traditional as well as alternative fuel vehicles.

Keeping in mind our impact on the environment, the District is committed to reducing our dependency on foreign oil and seeking environmentally responsible alternative fuel sources for both our vehicle fleet and our facilities.

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in GHTD!